What We Do

FACES4-Education-Law Enforcement-Traffic Safety Presentations-Victims Impact presentations

What We Do


Education: We developed and tested our Drivers Education program with thousands of students in Illinois.


Our "Dreams Shattered" program is an All Inclusive Traffic Safety program with an emphasis on Speeding, Distracted & Aggressive Driving. We discuss decision making, stopping distances, reaction time, the Physics of a crash, occupant protection, distracted driving, driving under the influence and the emotional aftermath of a crash. We encourage interaction with the students and the presenter.


We also have programs geared towards larger audiences such as: Prom, Homecoming and Mock Crashes.


Law Enforcement: We developed and tested our Law Enforcement program with a large number of law enforcement agencies in Illinois.


Our program has proven to assist officers when discussing speeding and aggressive driving with offenders. It has also shown the ability to defuse bad situations with angry motorists.


Public Speaking: We combined our programs to offer an amazing Traffic Safety presentation for a diverse audience.


Victims Impact Presentations: We also offer Victims Impact Presentations. There isn't a more powerful tool than a live presentation from someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one caused by speeding. We currently give Victims Impact Presentations to the DuPage County, IL. courts Traffic Schools.



For  information on any of our programs please contact us.