Think Speeding Isn't Dangerous



Isn't dangerous?  

Then consider the following! 

  • Crash severity increases with the speed of the vehicle at impact.
  • Effectiveness of restraints devices like air bags and safety belts, and vehicular construction such as crumple zones and side member beams decline as impact speed increases.
  • When a speeding vehicle crashes, it under goes a rapid change of speed. However, the occupants keep moving at the vehicle's previous speed until they are stopped-either by hitting an object or by being restrained by a safety belt or airbag.
  • The probability of death, disfigurement, or debilitating injury grows with higher speed at impact, because human bodies are not made to be hurled against objects at speed.
  • The above consequences double for every 10 mph over 50 mph that the vehicle travels.
  • Of all drivers under the age of 21 involved in fatal crashes, 38% were speeding.
  • As your speed increases so does the distance you need to stop.
  • When your speed increases there is greater probability that you will be going too fast if you meet an unexpected change in road conditions.
  • When speeding there is a greater chance that other road users will misjudge how fast you are traveling.
  • The probability of death for a pedestrian rises steeply; 10% at an impact speed of 18.6 mph to 70% at 43.5 mph.

Ask yourself, how do I value life?  

Is speeding more important than arriving at all?  

How will others lives be shattered if I am no longer here?  

Is it time to rethink your priorities in life? 

Use brain power not horse power the next time you get


behind the wheel of a car!!!!!!!!!