The Problem

One of the disturbing problems with speeding is that while most people accept that speeding increases crash risk, most people continue to speed. While drunk driving is generally viewed as socially unacceptable, speeding is not.

Research has shown that people make false distinctions about categories of speeding.

Many people define speeding by 5-10 mph as merely 'driving over the limit' and even view speeding by 10-20 mph as 'acceptable speeding'. Many people consider 'real speeding' to be  only speeding by more than 20 mph.

 These are dangerous attitudes because there is no such thing as safe speeding.

The risk of a crash at 50 mph causing death or injury increases rapidly even with relatively small increases of speed. The crash risk at 60 mph is about twice the risk at 50 mph. At 70mph the crash risk is more than four times the risk at 50 mph.