Lexi Barbour

Lexi Barbour’s Story


Lexi was a beautiful, talented young lady.  Her smile could light up a room and peoples' hearts.  She had just made varsity cheerleader - after 3 years of trying, she finally made it.  She was so excited.  Cheer camp was just ahead!  One moment changed everything.  It was a warm late June evening and Lexi was going to meet some friends from her church youth group.  Summer and friends!  A little before  7pm, she gave her little sister a hug, told her mother "love ya...see you later", and drove off.  Twenty minutes later, a sheriff's deputy pulled up to the house and said that Lexi had been in a crash and had been airlifted to the hospital.  They could not save her.  The investigatory said she had been speeding - approximately 70 miles per hour - had hit a patch of loose gravel on the country road, started to skid, overcorrected and flipped the car.  The car landed about 85 feet into a soybean field.  Lexi, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown many more feet beyond.  All of her dreams, goals, and hopes ended in a split second because of her choices that evening.