Matthew Brant


matthew brant croppedMatthew Brant


Matthew Brant's story is one of hopes and ambition unrealized by a life cut short at the age of 15. If only he had time, Matt would have proven that anybody with clear goals, focus, dedication, and perseverance could realize their dreams.

Matt had an infectious smile, respectful demeanor, and everybody who came in contact with him would walk away smiling. He not only helped people believe in themselves, he had a way of making them want to be a better person. Matthew was a leader by example.

Matthew's dream from the age of 7 was to play football for The Ohio State University. Matt openly spoke of his goal to family, friends, teachers, and coaches. He kept his goal in front of himself daily striving to make his dream a reality. Each day he would workout, lift weights, read about football, and study football. He was an excellent student not only in the classroom, but also in the game he so loved. When it came to school work, if he could center the assignment around the topic of football, he did! Matthew inspired everyone he encountered with his level of dedication and his good nature.

Matt's love for football led him to wrestle his freshman year at Waubonsie Valley High School . This was Matthew's first time to ever wrestle, but he knew it would make him a better player come football season. His determination led him to take 2nd place in the Upstate 8 Conference for his weight class. Matt's freshman wrestling coaches best summarized Matt's character with the quote, "A winner's strongest muscle is his heart!" This one quote, created by the wrestling coaches has remained a powerful statement for those of us who knew and loved this young man.

Unfortunately we will never see our son's dream realized. Matthew Brant died March 11th, 2004. Matthew and his older sister were on their way home from running an errand for their parents when their car was t-boned by another vehicle. Matthew took the most forceful hit of his life! State certified crash reconstruction experts estimated the speed at impact between 74.5mph to 82.5mph in a 45mph zone.

This powerful force did not just break our son's bones, but shattered them. This severe impact prevented Matthew's organs from being donated to save another's' life. Please value life, and heed your speed!

As for now, we are only filled with precious memories of our son Matthew, but remain thankful that through God's grace, we will be joined again!


Matthew 11:28 KJV Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.