Nicole & Devin Westerhoff


Nicole & Devin Westerhoff



Nicole Westerhoff was born June 28, 1982 Nicole Marie Donovan to Mike and Kim Donovan. Nicole was a Daddy’s Girl from the first breath. I would take her to dance lessons, skating lessons, and gymnastics. We would go for walks, sing songs, and read books.

When Nicole was almost 8, her brother Kristopher was born. She was so excited about being a big sister. She would help feed and bathe and burp and hold her little brother.

They were so close growing up and took such good care of each other.

Nicole loved to read, write poetry and short stories, listen to country music, and just be with her family especially Devin. Nicole would always say “matter what happens, all I need is this little boy right here and I’ll be fine”No

Nicole started dating Harry (Buddy) Westerhoff when she was 14. They were high school sweethearts. They married in 2001. Buddy is more like a son than a son-in-law.

Nicole Loved children and when Devin was born you could see the pride and excitement on her face. She was thrilled to be a Mom, Buddy was a Proud Dad, and we were all so proud of them both.

Nicole wanted to continue working with children and was in the process of making plans to return to school. Nicole wanted to work with mentally and physically challenged kids. She said they needed extra love and patience and she loved to see the progress they made as minimal as it may have been, excited her to no end.

Devin is your average rambunctious 4 Year old. I looked forward to seeing him in the morning before school, having coffee with Nicole. Then after school he would come over and I would ask him “how was school” his response was always “It was Great! How was work?” Devin wanted Papa to teach him to ice skate this winter and Nicole wanted him to learn how to play hockey.

Devin loves his cars and his “Guys” and we would all sit on the kitchen floor as Devin lined them all up neatly and then would give us each our cars to play with.

But all that changed the night of October 10, 2005. Nicole and Devin had spent the day at Papa and Nana’s house doing laundry, playing, talking and just hanging out.  We hugged and said “I Love You” and “We’ll see you in the morning”

But as they were driving home a man with a chronic history of excessive speed, was again speeding excessively, lost control of his Ferrari hitting Nicole and Devin head-on   Nicole Died at the scene and Devin on the way to the hospital. Nicole was 23 Years Old, and Devin was 4 Years Old. They had to be cut from the wreckage and Devin had to be cut out of his car seat. The impact sent the Ferrari spinning into a Ford Bronco that was traveling behind Nicole and Devin and Split the Ferrari in two.

Our lives have been shattered by this senseless tragedy. We lost two very special people that day because of Excessive Speed and the selfishness of another human being.

Our public streets are being used by some as their own personal racetrack, and Killing innocent people in the process. We can’t change the events  of October 10, 2005, but hopefully Nicole& Devin’s story can have a positive impact on the future.