Patrick DeMauro

Patrick DeMauro


On August 29th, 2001 we had a happy and healthy 19yr old son, Patrick. He was a very special, fun-loving and personable young man. But at approximately 7:30pm Patrick’s life was suddenly, tragically, and very violently taken from himself, his parents, and from all who had ever met him.

They call it an accident, but it seems an accident is something that’s uncontrollable. Driving 100mph is reckless stupidity! A microchip in the vehicle registered the speed at 97mph 4 seconds before impact, and 65mph at impact. According to witnesses the driver had been weaving in and out of lanes, driving at a high rate of speed.  The driver then swerved to miss another car on the street by pulling close to the curb unaware of a parked telephone truck. The driver hit his breaks and the car skidded sideways causing the back, where Patrick was sitting, to hit the truck. This direct impact caused Patrick to die suddenly yet violently. The driver was charged and convicted of reckless homicide.

August 29th, 2001 was a day that turned our word upside-down. What started as long hours, days, months, and now years which have gone by, the numbness & shock wears off, but painful reality sets in, “Patrick will never come home again”.  Patrick will never have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream! He will never finish school, get a job, get married, own a home, and especially never have beautiful children of his own to love as much as we loved him. Not only was our son taken away, but his future, and any future children taken from us.

The harsh reality is that all who loved him will never get to see his smile, the sound of his voice, or especially his laughter ever again. Most of all we will never get to kiss or hug our son again! It hurts to look into the eyes of our children, our families, and all of Patrick’s friends and see their pain.

As the years have gone on, Patrick would now be an Uncle. Our beautiful grandchildren will know their Uncle Patrick only through the pictures and our stories. He would have loved them so much!

We believe that Patrick is now an angel that walks with the other angels. There is nothing in this world that will ever change our love for him. We and all who have met Patrick miss him terribly.

As parents we do the best we can in raising our children to become productive adults. This means we need to determine “are we helping them or enabling them?” Please don’t enable your child, lessons are never learned this way which can result in a life taken just like our Patrick was taken from us.