Tim Schiefelbein


Tim Schiefelbein

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Tim lost a four month battle to regain consciousness after striking a utility pole at a high rate of speed.

He was alone in his vehicle the night he decided to take a risk and cross the Burlington Northern tracks

at Maple on his way home from work.  He had done this before, (as many others have) and experienced

the "thrill" of the steep drop off heading westbound.  This time, however, would prove to be fatal, as he

took the tracks with a rate of speed the police estimated to be 70-100 miles per hour. His car went airborne

and it landed with such force as to shatter the oil pan. Tim lost control, and the car finally came to rest

when it wrapped around the utility pole several feet away.


Tim, a senior at Downers Grove South High School was very involved with Campus Life, a Christian

youth group, where he was very influential in bringing several of his fellow students closer to God.

He was a very outgoing young man who had many friends in different circles and always tried to make

everyone feel included.   His fun loving spirit was evident in his participation in "Snowball" and at every

event he attended.  Everyone "knew" Tim as the one that always had a smile on his face.  Tim was a

good listener and his friends could always count on him for support.


Tim loved adventure.  He started climbing rock walls at the age of 6 which progressed into rock climbing

mountains at age 10.  He started scuba diving at age 13 and followed that up with cliff diving at age 15.

One of his true passions was white water rafting.  He was looking forward to trying skydiving after he

turned 18.  Unfortunately, because of a lapse of judgment, Tim was not able to fulfill that dream.


As a teenager, Tim probably thought that "It couldn't happen to him!"

How quickly his hopes and dreams were shattered.


Tim Schiefelbein